Detoxification, Alteratives, and the Liver DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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You may purchase the CDs as-is for self study. For faculty support, graded assignments, and a certificate, additional fees and tuition are required. See details in the course description link above. To enroll in the course, first purchase the CD-set, and then mail in the enclosed enrollment form.

A set of 11 audio CDs from a class sequence on herbal detoxification delivered in the Advanced Herbalism Certificate Program at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. The CDs are edited and broken into tracks. Included with it is a data disk with complete class notes and supplemental readings.

Course objective: The course will introduce the student to the basic concepts of detoxification in traditional and contemporary medicine, explain the pathophysiology of the liver, describe the materia medica for the liver and for alterative therapy, and offer strategies for various types of detoxification, and describe formulation methods. 

Each lesson includes an average or 3 hours of lecture and readings.

Lesson 1. Traditional Concepts of Detoxification

Lesson 2. Toxins and the pathophysiology of Detoxification

Lesson 3. Alterative herbs and strategies

Lesson 4. Food Intolerance and Toxicity

Lesson 5. The Pathophysiology of the Liver

Lesson 6. The Liver Materia Medica

Lesson 7. Detoxification Strategies

Lesson 8. Practice cases and formulation

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