Fatigue: Pathophysiology, Natural Therapeutics, and Adaptogens

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This course is delivered in CD-ROM format. 

It is also available in MP3 format on a USB flash drive. See in this store at http://medherb.mybigcommerce.com/fatigue-pathophysiology-natural-therapeutics-and-adaptogens-mp3-flash-drive/

A complete description of this course can be seen at the Institute site at http://www.naimh.com/fatigue-pathophysiology-natural-therapeutics-and-adaptogens/

After pain, the most common symptom that brings a patient to the doctor is fatigue. In this 15-CD set of integrated lectures, herbalist and nutritionist Paul Bergner presents the tools and skill set for the herbalist or nutritionist to assess and address the patient with Fatigue. Pathophysiology, nutrition, herbal medicines and formulation for sleep and sleep debt, and the categories of adaptogens and chinese tonic herbs are covered in depth.

Disk 1 Introduction to Fatigue

Disk 2 Medical causes of Fatigue

Disk 3 Fatigue Syndromes

Disk 4 Adrenals function and the Krebs Cycle

Disk 5 Diet, Nutrition, and Fatigue

Disk 6 Vitamin D and Fatigue

Disk 7 Sleep and Sleep Debt I

Disk 8 Sleep and Sleep Debt II

Disk 9 Exercise and Fatigue

Disk 10 Burnout and Medications

Disk 11 Adaptogens

Disk 12 Tonic herbs/Case Studies

Disk 13 Tonic Materia Medica I

Disk 14 Tonic Materia Medica II

Disk 15 Tonic Herbs and Athletic performance

Disk 16 A data disk with complete notes, textbooks, and supplemental reading

The North American Institute of Medical Herbalism offers a certificate for 24 hours of Continuing Education credit for this course.

Additional tuition for faculty support, grading, and Continuing Education certificate: $120

Paul Bergner has been practicing natural medicine, nutrition, and medical herbalism since 1973, and teaching since 1994. He has published the Medical Herbalism journal since 1989. He has trained more than 800 students in herbalism, including mentoring more than 230 students in extended advanced clinical residencies in medical herbalism and clinical nutrition at teaching clinics in Boulder, Colorado. He founded and is director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. He has receiving training at the doctoral level in Chinese medicine, and is the author of The Healing Power of Ginseng and the Tonic Herbs, a textbook designed for the Western non-acupuncturist, as well as six other texts in medical herbalism, clinical nutrition, naturopathic medicine, and ethnobotany.