First Course in Medical Herbalism Resources Kit (herbs and supplies only)

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These are supplies to complete the hands-on assignments in the First Course in Medical Herbalism. 

This product is intended to be complementary to First Course in Medical Herbalism DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, which provides all print and audio materials for the course. If you are not purchasing the Digital Download materials for the kit, you should purchase the full kit which includes all audio and print materials as well as the supplies in this product. First Course in Medical Herbalism Resources Kit (Regular Price $129)

The First Course in Medical Herbalism is either a stand-alone course for 36 hours of continuing education credit, or it can be taken as the first course in our Foundations in Western Herbalism Certificate program.

You can take the course without purchasing this kit, by purchasing the Digital Download version, but you will need to obtain your own herbal materials and supplies (See List below)  

You can see the full details of this course at

Full KIT materials

  • The course includes activities of making and taking herbal preparations, and the kit provides all the materials necessary. See list below.
  • The kit contains herb materials and supplies, 8 lessons in a binder, and the Introduction to Medical Herbalism audio CD-ROM set.
  • It includes samples of 15 different herbs as bulk herbs or tinctures, with instructions for making teas and tinctures.
  • The 100-page Study Guide includes the 8 lessons of the First Course in Medical Herbalism, with exercises and assignments for each.
  • You may purchase the kit as-is for self study.
  • For faculty support, graded assignments, and a certificate, additional fees and tuition are required.
  • See the full details of this course and tuition at
  • To enroll in the course, first purchase the kit, and then mail in the enclosed enrollment form.

WE CANNOT SHIP THIS KIT OUTSIDE THE US because of customs restrictions on herbal material. 


Bulk Herbs for tea (1 ounce each)

Red clover blossoms
Burdock root
Dandelion root
Stinging nettle herb
Valerian root
Lemon balm herb
Skullcap herb
Chamomile flowers
Calendula flowers
Raspberry leaf
Licorice root
Marshmallow root

Herbs in 4 oz. jars, pre-measured, with jar, for easy tincture making (15 grams of herb in each)

Echinacea root
Cramp bark
Skullcap herb

Dropper bottles

3 empty 4-ounce amber dropper bottles for your home-made tinctures.
The bottles are either pre-labeled with blank labels, or the blank labels are included separately in the kit. 


1/2 ounce  bottle of Siberian ginseng tincture (Russian Pharmacopeia preparation)


1 container of Calendula salve.