Influenza: Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics MP3/Flash-Drive

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This course consists 3 hours of audio lecture, and a data disk with PDF files of the lecture notes, powerpoint slides, and supplemental readings. This is entry-level to intermediate and requires no previous training in herbalism or nutrition. Lifestyle, nutritional and traditional herbal considerations for prevention or treatment of influenza, fever, and cough are presented. The materials were prepared in August 2009 during the 2009 swine flu pandemic. 

Print material include a Transcript and Certificate of Completion

CE Credits: 3.0

Pharmacy CE Credits: 0.25

Course materials include 3 hours of audio lecture, with accompanying slides, and 14 Supplemental readings on traditional, contemporary herbal, nutritional, naturopathic, and scientifc aspects of prevention and treatment of influenza and its chief presenting symptoms.

1. Influenza pathophysiology

2. Host responses to influenza

3. Vitamin D and influenza

4. Other dietary and nutritional aspects.

5. Lifestyle factors for prevention

6. A review of the context of the 1918 Influenza epidemic

7. Botanical medicine: support for immunomodulation

8. Botanical medicines and the cytokine storm.

9. Vitalist, naturopathic, and botanical treatment of fever

10. Aspirin and NSAID, historical use and potential advderse effects on viral infection. (0.25 hours)

11. Vitalist, naturopathic, and botanical treatment for cough in viral infections.