Materia Medica Intensive MP3/Flash Drive Format

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This product is delivered in MP3 format on a USB flash drive

This item is also available in CD-ROM format. See in this store at: Materia Medica Intensive CD-Rom Set

It is also available for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

You can see a full description of this course at the school site at

You may purchase the Audio files as-is for self study. For faculty support, graded assignments, and a certificate, additional fees and tuition are required. You can see the details at enroll in the course, first purchase the CD-set, and then mail in the enclosed enrollment form.

These are edited recordings of a 24 hour seminar on advanced herbal materia medica.

Presenters include Paul Bergner, Matthew Becker, and Linda Whitedove, L.Ac. Topics include:

Vitalist and Energetic Actions

Respiratory Materia Medica

Nervine Materia Medica

Female Reproductive Materia Medica

Liver Materia Medica

Digestive and Topical Materia Medica

Adaptogen Materia Medica

This is advanced herbal material and assumes previous knowledge of herbal medicines and their properties.

The sound files have been edited, mastered, and tracked for easy study.