Practical Uses of Garlic DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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This is a fifty-minute lecture on the uses of garlic, with accompanying slides, and a full-text copy of the book The Healing Power of Garlic by medical herbalist Paul Bergner.

This material is excerpted from our longer course Practical Herbalism: The Practical Uses of 50 Herbs available in this online store in CD-ROM or MP3/flash-drive formats.

Areas covered are the historical uses, contemporary science on the pharmacy and pharmacology of garlic constituents, and a description of how to make and apply more than thirty different preparations of garlic. This course is at once about garlic and at the same time a description of the many applications of herbal forms that are possible with many herbs. 

This material is part of our Foundations in Western Herbalism Certificate Program

The full-text book goes into great detail on all the subjects above. 

Downloadable Items
1. Read-me-first file
2. Garlic Power Point slides. 42 Slides, in PDF format, which follow the sequence of the lecture.
3. Audio Disk. Contains the 50-minute lecture material, in mp3 format.
4. The Healing Power of Garlic. Full-text in PDF format of the textbook by herbalist-author Paul Bergner.

Amazon 5-star reviews of The Healing Power of Garlic

"Easy to read and comprehensive, this book gave very specific information on the benefits, side effects and contraindication of garlic. Lot's of references and a more serious compliment to The Book of Garlic."

Healing Power Of Garlic, so far what I have read in this book is very interesting. I know from past experience that Garlic can be very useful to the body. There is a vast amount of knowledge in this book. There are case studies all throughout the book from making recipes out of Garlic to cure earaches to how to prevent cancer. After each chapter the author gives references where they got the information at. I'm enjoying everything about this book.  

Even though this book isn’t new, neither is the use of garlic for health and healing. This is a classic with so much practical wisdom It will be a reference I will use for decades.


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    Fascinating and practical insights into the probably most powerful bulb

    Posted by Keri on 16th Aug 2020

    The lecture – as well as the book - are a real treat: very informative and entertaining at once. If you ever wanted to learn more about this amazing culinary medicinal plant, then Paul Bergner is your guide.

  • 5

    Posted by Erin on 15th May 2020

    Absolutely adored this course in every way. So full of information and actionable steps to help us stay safe and healthy. This is timely for any time, but especially important now. Thank you for the opportunity to hear this.