Vitalist Treatment of Acute Symptoms 2-Album set MP3 Flash Drive

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This product is delivered in MP3 format on a USB flash drive. 

For a version in CD-ROM format, see Vitalist Treatment of Acute Symptoms 2-Album Set 

The two albums for this course may be purchased individually by Digital Download:  Album I only  Album 2 only. 

A full description of this course can be seen at the Institute site at

This 2-album 32-disk Audio CD-set accompanies a Distance Learning course on Natural Therapeutics for Acute symptoms taught at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. You may purchase the CDs as-is for self study. For faculty support, graded assignments, and a certificate, additional fees and tuition are required. You can see the details at To enroll in the course, first purchase the CD-set, and then mail in the enclosed enrollment form.

A data disk contains e-versions of 35 classic herbal texts and more than 1000 pages of textbooks from the NAIMH.

Album 1

History and Energetics 2 disks

Upper gastrointestinal 1 disk

Lower gastrointestinal 2 disks

Alteratives and Bad Blood 2 disks

Skin, Itch, Wounds 3 disks

Fatigue, Insomnia 2 disks

Depression 1 disk

Anxiety 2 disks

Album 2

Pain 2 disks

Catarrh, Mucous membranes 1 disk

Cough, Sore throat 2 disks

Allergies 1 disk

Eyes, Ears 1 disk